Complete Projects

The Wallet Photo

The Wallet

A Narrative film I made while attending the University of Wisconsin-Superior. A short work of fiction, the film follows a troubled young man who has an unlikely encounter with his estranged father after he unknowingly steals his wallet.


Natural Discoveries photo

Natural Discoveries: A Portrait of Travis Melin

This is a documentary-style student film that I made during my time at The University of Wisconsin-Superior. Travis Melin was a professional nature photographer who used mediums including; film, digital, large format, experimental custom builds, and more. He was a great friend, and an amazing photographer. This film showcases a 90 day long photo-a-day project as well as his unique and innovative techniques.


CHK Nutrition

CHK Nutrition Tutorial

A short tutorial for a medical scale designed to weigh supplements in powder form. This was a freelance project.


Meadowland's Chocolate

Meadowland’s Chocolate

A short kickstarter video designed to raise funds for a quickly growing independent chocolate company. They fortunately met their goal and are now putting out more chocolate than ever!



Glensheen Mansion’s 4th Annual Gala

For the fourth year in a row, Glensheen Mansion held a fantastic Gala at the historic estate. This video was a pro bono project. It was a pleasure to film such beautiful property.



J Robinson: Full Circle

A biographical documentary sharing the story of J Robinson, the former head coach of the Minnesota Gopher’s wrestling team. The film also follows several young wrestlers as they struggle their way through the 28-day J Robinson Intensive Wrestling Camp.

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